We are a small group of friends that have been fortunate to travel to dozens of places around the world.  Each experience and place visited has brought new understanding of life, culture, and beauty.  it is through these travels that we've challenged our ways of thinking, found new definitions of life, and grown as a result.

At Texture + Ink we aim to ebrace the cultures we've encountered by bringing design elements from far and near into our homes.  While world travel is one of our favorite things to do, work, life and taking care of kids often occupy our time.  We find ourselves spending most of our time in our homes.

We want our homes to be a place of respite and tranquility that remind us of the most amazing places in the world.  To that end, we design globally inspired home decor that is both beautiful and affordable.


As we've traveled the globe and soaked in the marvels of other cultures, we've also been exposed to the great many needs of developing countries around the world.  In some cases the basic necessities that we take for granted are difficult to come by.

Having observed this hardship, we've founded Texture + Ink on the pricniple of giving back to those who have inspired us.  We partner with charities that support developing countries.  We do so by giving away 10% of all profits on each year.  We are grateful for your support in helping us with this mission.